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I received clear and reliable information on the whole divorce procedure and was given the time and support I needed. Step by step, Wijaya & Co took me through it, informing at each event, patiently responding to my questions, updating on the situation and preparing for the next event. Not only being reliable and helpful with good communication (and language) skills, they were mostly very efficient in producing to the court a clear divorce petition based on legal grounds (and my own outline of the situation); and successfully managing the ensuing mediation, the respondent’s response, and the presentation of witnesses to the court. The closing statement was very accurate and complete, and led to the expected verdict. Wijaya & Co also prepared the power of attorneys which I had to get signed and legalized overseas, and took care of the legalization of the final documents at the relevant authorities… Last but not least they accepted to travel a long way out of Jakarta for each court appearance, having to spend two or three days out there at each time. All in all, Wijaya & Co took care of it all very efficiently while keeping me informed and involved all along the way. I wouldn’t have gone through this divorce in Indonesia without you / Wijaya & Co. Words are not enough to thank you. I’d definitely recommend you

  • Date of Posting: 01 June 2011
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