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Divorce Oath for Moslem-Married Couples in Indonesia

Monday, 18 September 2017
Written by Asep Wijaya
Read 2581 times
The provisions concerning dissolution of marriage and its legal consequences are generally regulated in Marriage Law, which is further stipulated in Government Regulation Number 9 Year 1975 regarding the Implementation of Marriage Law. As for Moslem-married couples, the divorce proceedings are being regulated further according to the Compilation of Islamic Law. A marriage may be terminated due to several reasons among others death, divorce, and court decisions. A marriage terminated by a divorce may occur due to talak or divorce…

Legal Age for Getting Marry in Indonesia

Monday, 04 September 2017
Written by Asep Wijaya
Read 3837 times
Getting marry in Indonesia must meet age requirements as set-out by the prevailing laws and regulations. It is the age where the laws think that you have the capabilities in taking action on your behalf to tie the knot with someone. Performing the marriage legally, requires emotional maturity, and therefore such decision may not be able to be taken by a youngster. There are many prevailing laws about the minimum legal age for getting marry, but the Marriage Law is…

Marriage Legalization in Indonesia

Tuesday, 27 June 2017
Written by Asep Wijaya
Read 2532 times
Marriage legalization is for Moslem couples only. It applicable for those who were married in an Islamic ceremony. You know, the one that required you to convert into the same Moslem religion with your partner in order to get marry. If that rings a bell now, yes, this one is for you. This is regulated under the Indonesia's Compilation of Islamic Law. It was introduced in June 1991. Since then, the legal proceeding is more and more required by the…

Marriage in Indonesia

Friday, 28 April 2017
Written by Asep Wijaya
Read 2256 times
Marriage registration in Indonesia can be done after fulfiling ten days waiting period. You must have the same religion in order to get marry in Indonesia. We don't recognize mixed religion registration. Any marriage performed according to the couple's religion affiliation is legal in Indonesia. For non-Moslem couples, after they performed religious ceremonies, they must register their marriage with the civil registry in order to make it legally recognized. Under the current law, it must be done at the same…

Post Marital Agreement in Indonesia

Saturday, 29 October 2016
Written by Asep Wijaya
Read 2595 times
Postnuptial agreements, also known as post-marital agreements, are agreements entered into after a marriage has taken place. There are many reasons why a mixed-nationality married couple might wish to draw-up a postnuptial agreement. Among others, a couple that did not sign a prenuptial agreement before marriage may later determine that they want to have some sort of financial plan in place in the event of death or divorce. Additionally, a major change in the financial circumstances of the couple, such…

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