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What Marriage Legalization in Indonesia Really Means for You and Your Family.

Friday, 01 November 2019
Written by Asep Wijaya
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Marriage legalization is applicable to Moslem couples in Indonesia. It is to legalize the marriage previously conducted under religious rites, but not legal according to the state law yet. It may be happened for so many reasons like one of the spouse was ready to make a new commitment with you, but he/she was not legally divorce yet. This can be a burden socially to you, your spouse, and your family. So, you decided to performed the religious marriage. Consuming …

Getting Married in Indonesia: Your 10-Piece Checklist

Wednesday, 30 October 2019
Written by Asep Wijaya
Read 586 times
Marriage in Indonesia is a spiritual bond between a man and a woman as husband and wife with the aim of forming a happy and eternal family (household) based on belief to one and only God. We take marriage a very serious matter. We require both religious and civil marriage to be conducted in order to gain legal recognition. The marriage is legal if you perform the religious marriage before the civil one. We have two types of marriage ceremony…

Why Legalization of Child Born Out of Wedlock in Indonesia Really Matters

Monday, 28 October 2019
Written by Asep Wijaya
Read 570 times
Child legalization in Indonesia is a very important issues. This is the proceeding to legalize the child born outside of a legal marriage. He/she has legal relationship with the mother and her family only. In order to obtain a custody privilege, the alleged father must conduct child legalization. No legal relationship will be established between the father and the child without the consent from the biological mother. Under the laws in Indonesia, the relationship between the child and the father…

When You’re Too Busy To Have Your Last Will in Indonesia

Saturday, 26 October 2019
Written by Asep Wijaya
Read 453 times
Last will in Indonesia is a legal instrument to distribute your assets after you pass-away. This is your preferred way to get the people you care most to inherit your assets notwithstanding any prevailing rules and regulation regarding inheritance in Indonesia. You can distribute any rights and obligations in the field of property law to your next of kin. There are three (3) different inheritance laws in Indonesia, and you must specify one law in your last will. We have…

Prenuptial Agreement for Mixed-Marriage Couples in Indonesia

Wednesday, 23 October 2019
Written by Asep Wijaya
Read 509 times
Prenuptial agreement in Indonesia is an agreement you sign with your partner before performing the marriage. The date when you execute it must shows clearly that it is being entered on or before the legal marriage date. I have reason to believe that your legal marriage date may be different than the solemnization date. It because the marriage in Indonesia is considered legal when you perform the religious marriage prior the civil ceremony, unless of course, if you were married…

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