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What You Need to Know About Guardianship of a Child in Indonesia

Wednesday, 08 July 2020
Written by Asep Wijaya
Read 1927 times
A guardian is a person or legal entity that perform the duty of child custody as a parent toward a child. He/she is entitled to represent it in or outside the court. The idea of having a guardian is to protect the child rights and to fulfil their basic necessities as well as to manage their assets to the best interests of the child. The Subject The legal age in Indonesia is 18 years old. Any child under that age…
If you think divorce is the best possible solution for you, many things that should be included into a consideration. In Indonesia, you need to determine court jurisdiction responsible to dissolve a marriage. We have two courts here i.e. district court, and religious court. You file your divorce application at a district court if you're married in Non Moslem ceremonies. Application for your divorce should be filed at the religious court, if you're married in Moslem ceremony. Talaq or Divorce…

It’s Time to Tell A New Story About Last Will & Testament in Indonesia

Monday, 18 May 2020
Written by Asep Wijaya
Read 2587 times
A testament in Indonesia is the right instrument to reflect your last will about your assets, and other things that you want your successor to do for you. This is a very serious business as you need to make sure the person you trust as your administrator to execute those wishes after you're gone. In order to valid legally, you need to make sure your last will is being written in a recognized testament. You should know that according to…

The Truth About the Origin of a Child in Indonesia

Sunday, 05 April 2020
Written by Asep Wijaya
Read 1026 times
Origin of a child in Indonesia is a procedure to legalize your offspring and you through a strict legal mechanism in order to recognize the child legally. This is the procedures that protected by our 1945 Constitution as imposed on Article 28B (2): "Every child has the right of survival, growth, and development, participating and entitled to protection from violence and discrimination as well as civil rights and freedoms." The implementation of the constitutional protection for the child is with…

This is What It’s Like Having a Marriage Annulled in Indonesia!

Monday, 09 March 2020
Written by Asep Wijaya
Read 544 times
We take marriage very serious in Indonesia. You need to meet certain requirements, terms and conditions in order to get legally married. Once you have been issued a marriage certificate, or a marriage book for Moslem couples, your marriage is legally recognized. The terms and conditions for a person to get legally married in Indonesia are, among others: Consents by both parties; bride and groom; They must be aged 21 years. They must obtain parents' approval, or either parent if…

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