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Why You Need a Last Will in Indonesia? Here's Why!

Monday, 07 May 2018
Written by Asep Wijaya
Read 2119 times
Last will in Indonesia is an important document, especially if you're married to an Indonesian citizen, or if your marriage was registered under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. You need to sign an open testament if you want your property distributed according to your last will. This is the instrument that you authorise the legal system in Indonesia to distribute your assets to your next of kin, and the designated beneficiaries. I have been writing several last wills…

Excuse Me, Your Prenuptial Agreement is Not Working!

Thursday, 05 April 2018
Written by Asep Wijaya
Read 2340 times
Couples sign prenuptial agreement in Indonesia for various reasons. They sign a prenup in order to protect assets acquired before the marriage. They also sign a prenup to protect their family and the future of their children from their business risk. They sign a prenup in order to enable their Indonesian spouse to still own property in Indonesia. A prenuptial agreement in Indonesia must meet certain requirements before it is valid and recognized legally. Without fulfilling them, their prenup may…

Fathering Illegitimate Child in Indonesia

Wednesday, 28 March 2018
Written by Asep Wijaya
Read 3122 times
Fathering illegitimate child can happen when you're in a relationship with your legally wedded spouse. It means you're committing an adulterous relationship. An adultery is a crime in Indonesia under Article 284 of Criminal Code. We called it Delik Aduan, meaning that it's an absolute complaint offence. They can only bring you to justice if your spouse file charges against you. The definition of an adultery is sexual intercourse committed by a married man or a married woman, must be…

Dissolving Foreign Marriage in Indonesia

Wednesday, 27 September 2017
Written by Asep Wijaya
Read 2733 times
Foreign marriage may be dissolved in Indonesia under very specific terms and conditions that must be met by the couple. This usually happens to couple who live in Indonesia and both of them are expats. If you're experiencing this issue, you need to pay attention to a couple of important legal aspects. First, minimum contact of the spouses in Indonesia. This is to see if the court in Indonesia has jurisdiction. Second, reporting/registration of the foreign marriage. Three, how Indonesian…

Divorce Oath for Moslem-Married Couples in Indonesia

Monday, 18 September 2017
Written by Asep Wijaya
Read 2866 times
The provisions concerning dissolution of marriage and its legal consequences are generally regulated in Marriage Law, which is further stipulated in Government Regulation Number 9 Year 1975 regarding the Implementation of Marriage Law. As for Moslem-married couples, the divorce proceedings are being regulated further according to the Compilation of Islamic Law. A marriage may be terminated due to several reasons among others death, divorce, and court decisions. A marriage terminated by a divorce may occur due to talak or divorce…

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